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The most HILARIOUS part of being in Cursed Child fandom is that their standard for "dark and/or angsty fic" is adorably low.

That fic where a main character dies makes you sad? I came up Torchwood fandom. Our canon killed off more than half the main characters. Our happy AU fics were the ones where Ianto got a few more years with Jack and we all ignored the fact that Ianto would before dye and leave Jack to the inevitable despair and loneliness of infinite immortality.

Like, the reason I seem to crave some darkness is that it's so gosh-darn cotton-candy colored in this fandom ALL THE TIME. Hahahahaha.

(Notably, BTW, Harry Potter fandom as a distinct entity had a lot of dark fic going on because it had a lot of EVERYTHING. But that is a ponderance for another day.)
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