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I've mentioned this before, but I'm convinced Jack is a Supremes fan. In my head he's all over Diana Ross and totally went to at least one performance when they toured the UK and were super popular. There's a nice Supremes section in his record collection. (Which is probably quite large. For most of the time Jack was stuck on the slow path, records were the chosen medium for music. They're still available, for heaven's sake.)

All of this means that Back in My Arms Again is a definitive Jack/Ianto song to me. :D


For the best discussion I've ever seen on the music tastes of Torchwood characters, check out this fantastic entry on [livejournal.com profile] sariagray's journal.

So how do you feel about Torchwood and their music tastes? Do you think Jack's tastes froze in the 40's? What songs does Owen blast when he's working in the morgue? Who's playing when Gwen and Rhys go to performances together? Do you think any of them really like musical theater?

Oh, I am so into this

Date: 2012-11-14 01:31 am (UTC)
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I'm so glad you asked, because I am just in a Meta kind of mood tonight.

The music I think certain team members are into actually changes with every thing I write. Some things are fixed of course, like I always see Gwen as a casual music fan. Top 40's, enough recommended songs from her friends playlists to let her feel like she's got broad musical tastes and the kind of person who cleans out her music library sometimes. Her favorite band changes close to yearly, depending on what she's hearing a lot of. She plays no instruments, wrote one sappy song at sixteen that she knew sucked, and never dissects lyrics for a deeper meaning although she's very open to the emotional reactions music can produce. You'd find songs like 'Call me maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen or 'one more night' by Maroon 5 on her iPod.

Jack's also got a pretty set place for me in that I see Jack as a music hoarder. Everyone knows one, or should! I know three. They have heard of every freakin band you and everyone you know has ever listened to. They have a separate computer with an external hard drive and stripped down os just for their music. They know the words to so many songs you're not sure how they have room to remember their own phone number. That said I've also got it in my head that Jack has a preference for Folk actually for it's shifting but still easily identifiable and recognizable core. Even as other branches of music shift and change and split, Folk adapts with the times but retains a solid and inclusive grip on itself as a genre that I think would appeal to Jack as his solid favorite. Even if he picks other music for certain decades to remind him of people or places, or things, I think the music he'll always come back to would be Folk. Look for 'Old stone' by Laura Marling or 'white blank page' by Mumford and sons on my Jack's iPod.

Tosh is always the hardest for me to pin down musically. I picture her as almost the opposite as Jack, spare and reserved in her musical tastes. Not her genres per se, but in how much music she keeps in her home and around her. I imagine her owning very few Albums and picking her music more for the complexity of not just the instrumental work, but the depth of lyrics as well. When I picture her iPod it's a 64gb, but she has less than 500 songs, using the rest for apps. I see a small enough collection that it can share space on her book case, scattered in interesting little clumps between her books like spacers to separate the fiction from the biographies. Tosh is an interesting mix of classical and rock in my head. Dvorak and Coheed, Ginastera and Tool. Mozart and Slipknot. Seriously, if you've never been to a Slipknot show you have no idea how freaking intricate and *brilliant* their music is from a technical standpoint. I also see her as the kind of person embarrassed by her musical tastes, who feels like it should broader and less exacting and doesn't let people play with her itunes because of it. Songs like 'In keeping the secrets of silent Earth' by Coheed and Cambria 'Undertow' by Tool and 'Vermillion pt2' by Slipknot end up on her most played list

Honestly, I don't think of Owen much musically and when I do, I put him as the rock flip side of Gwen's top 40 pop coin. Whatever's on the top of the alt charts is what Owen's listening to. It's the difference between listening to Rick Dee's weekly top 40's vs Jed the Fish's Out of Order for me. Not shallow or stupid musically by any means so much as just open and easy to accept new things. That said, I do tend to give Owen my own ability to listen obsessively to one song over and over well past the point where other people have ripped their own ears off to escape and still love it as much as the first time. Also, I don't think Owen would ever clear his itunes on purpose. Only if he started running out of space, or his computer crashed. His iPod today would have 'It's time' by Imagine dragons, 'Kill your Heroes' by AWOLnation, and lots of Muse on it.

Ianto tends to lean towards the darker side of music for me. Mostly a hard rock/metal kid with me, I've also taken him down the hipster and emo routes quite comfortably depending on what I was writing. He's the one I've always been more likely to write as secretly a hobby musician. He's more of a lyrics kid for me. The kind who has a hard preference for rock or alt, but let one good line catch his ear from most other genres and it can have him just as whole heartedly. I think he's the only person other than Jack who probably owns a turn table. He never clears out his music folders and keeps a backup copy that he updates every few months so he loses none of them. I think Jack and Gwen are more likely to listen to R&B, but Ianto is the one who would have the new Lil Wayne album. Funny enough, I also have him as mostly unimpressed with the rustic sound and easy cadence of country and, to a lesser degree, folk because he prefers a more deft, clever touch of wordsmithing to his lyrics than normally appear in their typical plain spoken songs. Ianto's iPod is home to songs like 'Into my web' by The Used, 'Sugar Pills' by Animal Suit Driveby and '6foot 7foot' by Lil Wayne

Wow, that was much longer than I thought I'd write.

Date: 2012-11-15 04:29 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] evilawyer
Jack as a Supremes fan makes huge sense.


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