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This is a community for Torchwood meta and discussion.

When I say meta, I'm going to throw the doors wide open. Anything that isn't explicitly fic or just photomanips/screencaps.

I'm welcoming anything from one-line of personal headcanon you want to share to multi-page essays on Owen's haircuts.


Just remember, no matter what you think about believe about the show, there is no right answer.


Any rules about posting?

If it's really long, cut it.

Otherwise, have fun! Here's a suggested header format that is totally optional and unnecessary:

Whoa! You have a lot of tags!

Yeah, we are organizing by tags here. Please use every tag you can think of that would be applicable, and feel free to suggest new tags! (THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HEADERS.)

Do I have to put the post here?

Nope! Post on your own Livejournal/Dreamwidth/Tumblr/etc. and link it!

Hell, if you don't have an LJ and want to post, email me at eldarwannabe AT gmail DOT com and I'll make a post linking to it eventually!

But I wrote it a really long time ago and also it is maybe crap!

Don't care, would love to read it ANYWAY!

Wait! No screencaps? No photomanips?

Actually, I love screncaps AND photomanips! But they have to have some sort of commentary, somewhere. Either self-explanatory in the image, or some accompanying text. (If all you want to do is post the funny, there are communities for that.)

What about recs? Because I read this one meta/essay/thing and it was SO PERFECT...

GIMME RECS. GIMME. I have been trawling the internet for months and collecting meta from livejournals and tumblr and all those places. Meta recs are welcome and they hold by the same basic "anything goes" rules of the community.

What about fandom meta?

Totally up for it. Does someone want to explain why there is so little Miracle Day fic out there whereas we have approximately 40,000 Children of Earth fics? Because I would like to know!


Yeah, we're going to be an all-inclusive community here. You want to tell me why you're personal canon ended after The House of the Dead? I would love to hear you explain why. But if you don't want to read about CoE or MD stuff, avoid the tags. It's a main reason we're going to use them.

I have more questions how dare you stop now!

Put all your questions in the comments, and I'll get back to it as soon as I can. BEEEEEEP.