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Just a reminder that this community is mirrored on Livejournal at [livejournal.com profile] tw_meta. I'm going to try and keep both communities updated, so there's no pressure to cross-post across platforms. (That said, thank you, [personal profile] arnica! You rock!)

[livejournal.com profile] oninomaggie put up a post about being a new fan in Torchwood and asking for clarification on show-canon, extended-universe canon, fanon and head-canon. The comments are a really interesting reflective on how the fandom looks as itself.

[livejournal.com profile] itsmeyousee put up a post about the moments where Jack seems to be making a choice between Ianto and Gwen. It's an opportunity to dig into some of Jack's thought processes, not debate the relative qualities of Ianto and Gwen.
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Let's kick this off with something fun!

[livejournal.com profile] fodian does the most awesome and hilarious breakdown of the Jack/Ianto dynamic in this post. It's mostly a line-by-line analysis of Ianto and Jack's conversations in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Meat.

My favorite part of this meta (besides the uproarious laughing) is how Ianto is clearly a total eyerolling sarcastic bad-ass who balances his uncertainty and hesitance without letting it affect his performance.

It also points out the double layers and emotional acting in the show. [livejournal.com profile] fodian shows how eyerolls and pointed looks are just as important as actual bits of dialogue. There's an awful lot that goes unsaid in this show, that comes across in only hints and nods. It's one of the things that leaves so much room for us fans to play, but it also means that we can (and do!) spend a lot of time poring over scenes for those hidden gems that aren't spelled out for us.
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I've mentioned this before, but I'm convinced Jack is a Supremes fan. In my head he's all over Diana Ross and totally went to at least one performance when they toured the UK and were super popular. There's a nice Supremes section in his record collection. (Which is probably quite large. For most of the time Jack was stuck on the slow path, records were the chosen medium for music. They're still available, for heaven's sake.)

All of this means that Back in My Arms Again is a definitive Jack/Ianto song to me. :D


For the best discussion I've ever seen on the music tastes of Torchwood characters, check out this fantastic entry on [livejournal.com profile] sariagray's journal.

So how do you feel about Torchwood and their music tastes? Do you think Jack's tastes froze in the 40's? What songs does Owen blast when he's working in the morgue? Who's playing when Gwen and Rhys go to performances together? Do you think any of them really like musical theater?
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Most of the time, my personal canon is that Jack is fully convinced that Lisa died at Canary Wharf, and the shell of her body had been controlled by a Cyberman brain before Ianto ever got to her. The Cyberman convinced Ianto (not, perhaps, without a little wishful hope in Ianto's part) into thinking it was still Lisa and guided Ianto sometimes to do what would benefit the Cybermen the most.

Ianto, meanwhile, quietly knows it was Lisa until the Tanizaki started tinkering and while he can accept that maybe it was impossible to save her, he still believes it was her until moment when the Cyberman was finally switched on.

Post-Canary-Wharf-Lisa is one of the things they do not talk about.


Thoughts? Ideas? I know many fics have theorized that Jack was only able to forgive and/or let Ianto back onto the team once Ianto came to the realization that Lisa had been a Cyberwoman all along. Any thoughts on that?

(This is posted on our sisters site on livejournal [livejournal.com profile] tw_meta.)


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