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Let's kick this off with something fun!

[livejournal.com profile] fodian does the most awesome and hilarious breakdown of the Jack/Ianto dynamic in this post. It's mostly a line-by-line analysis of Ianto and Jack's conversations in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Meat.

My favorite part of this meta (besides the uproarious laughing) is how Ianto is clearly a total eyerolling sarcastic bad-ass who balances his uncertainty and hesitance without letting it affect his performance.

It also points out the double layers and emotional acting in the show. [livejournal.com profile] fodian shows how eyerolls and pointed looks are just as important as actual bits of dialogue. There's an awful lot that goes unsaid in this show, that comes across in only hints and nods. It's one of the things that leaves so much room for us fans to play, but it also means that we can (and do!) spend a lot of time poring over scenes for those hidden gems that aren't spelled out for us.
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I'm going to be a little busy for the next few weeks, so rather than meta I'm going to try and post meta recs. :)

Also, reminders that this is a community and you all are welcome to put up your own posts and recs or even just link back to your own metas of years past. Do you still feel the same way about that characters/plot/show/plotholes as you used to?

We're a low-pressure chatty zone, so feel free to share!


All that said, a note on meta: Obviously you should feel free to tell the original writer you like their meta and engage with them directly! However, as many meta posts will be old and/or on journals of people who aren't necessarily into Torchwood anymore, you can also feel free to discuss meta recs and ideas on this community.

ETA: Thank you guys so much for responding to this post with meta, but no one's going to come back and check it out! This community is open for joining and posting, so please feel free to join and put up your own posts so other fans can see it and discuss. :)


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