Nov. 29th, 2012

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I'm sorry guys, I'm really, really busy this week. I want to make a nice meta or proper post, but instead I'm going to throw my first quick idea at the wall spaghetti-style.

Dog person or cat person? (Or other domesticated animal of your choosing.)

My thoughts!

Ianto: Dog.
Jack: Dinosaur Cat. They go well with his tendency to run away with the Doctor erratic lifestyle.
Gwen: Dog.
Owen: Cat. But at this point the best we could expect from post-Katie Owen is a begrudging bowl of food put out for local strays. The man does not want to care for things.
Tosh: She would melt over kittens, but I don't think Tosh is a free-range pet type. Myna!
Andy: Dog!
Suzie: I can't imagine Suzie with a pet mammal. I want to get her a reptile, like a gecko or a snake. But, um, cat? (Zombie cat, to chase the zombie flies.)
Emma Louise-Cowell: Cat.
Rhiannon: Dog because it's genetic.
Alice: Hm. I want to say cat but I imagine she would really, really enjoy dogs.

If you want ideas for more characters, check out the tags. I made one for every character on the Torchwood wikipedia articles because I am crazy.

Here's a random Miracle Day one.

Ponyboy Curtis The Gentleman: Dog. Like, the scary ones from Clue. To retain his image, of course.


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